Must Have Nintendo DS Accessories



With so many Nintendo DS Lite accessories available, it can be tough selecting which accessories you need and which ones is simply just a waste of money. These will be the top DS components that one may not live without. 

Most readily useful Accessories 

The Nintendo DS Lite has a charger and stylus. A few of the special edition versions may be with a game that will match whatever specialized type you have bought, such as for case Pokemon. However, there are many elective extras available. So many that you may need some help choosing those you actually need. These would be the most readily useful, most useful components for your Nintendo DS Lite. 

1. Car charger: Most people carry their Nintendo DS along on their commute or to work or school for a few quick plays throughout the day. Nevertheless, there is not at all times a conveniently located wall outlet to recharge it if you want to. Car chargers for the Nintendo DS Lite generally cost less-than $5.00. This certainly is the number one accessory that each and every Nintendo DS manager can buy. You’ll find them on or even exceedingly cheap. 

2. Disposable battery charger: Just like the fast chargers for mobile phones, you can pitch the charger when you’re done and charge your Nintendo DS Lite away from home. 

3. Protective case: You will find cases for the Nintendo DS in many different shades and in clear plastic. A case is the greatest method to protect your DS from dings, scratches, and other damage – particularly for those DS which are a child’s preferred unit.

4. Game case: DS video games are so little and their cases are so big that you both can’t provide games with you or you drop or damage their itty-bitty cartridges. I prefer this one by Intec that keeps 16 games. 

5. Travel bag: If you prefer a stylish way to bring your DS alternatively. There is a huge variety to pick from. Bags specifically geared toward kids, women, and adults are found throughout the Internet and in stores like Target. A.L.S. makes these good plaid bags. 

6. Additional stylus: If you have not lost your stylus however, congratulations to you, but it will most likely occur fundamentally. Equipment packages with three extras plus a game situation, like this one are about $6.